Professional Bumper Repair and Replacement Services

The bumper must perform two main functions - protect the car body from damage and blend in the design. Most modern bumpers have bent edges that serve as spoilers in order to increase downforce and steerability. However, because nothing lasts forever, the time comes for bumper repair eventually. In this case, you need the help of professionals who can handle your bumper issues. Contact Collex Collision Experts to get expert service. Book a bumper replacement and repair services at fair prices today!

Bumper repair

Where is the best Car Bumper Repair Near Me in Pennsauken?

When looking for a high-quality car bumper repair near me in Pennsauken, NJ, look no further than Collex Collision Experts car body shop. Bumpers are the most commonly damaged part of a car, since they serve as buffers between the car and any obstacle, protecting the engine, fan, and radiator. We understand that a cracked bumper repair cost can flatten your wallet and take considerable time. That's why Collex Collision Experts use state of the art technology to restore parts at prices you can afford. Car bumper repair services apply to torn, crumpled, and cracked bumpers and those with faded paint. When we undertake these kinds of repairs, we base the cost on the degree of damage to your bumper. We also use specialized equipment and expert technicians to ensure your bumper is repaired using high-quality workmanship as quickly as possible with little inconvenience to you. If you need a free estimate or wish to discuss your bumper’s issues, give us a call today. We serve Pennsauken and the surrounding counties.

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Affordable and Fast Plastic Bumper Repair Service

When driving, you might have heard tiny pings as small stones coming from ongoing and passing traffic bounced off your car. In most cases it can lead to scratches or even cracks on your bumper. A front bumper is the most vulnerable part of a vehicle that more often requires plastic bumper scratch repair services. Collex Collision Experts is a car body shop with 40+ years of experience in the market that offers a high-quality plastic bumper repair service including scratch and crack repair. When your bumper is cracked, you must look for a professional plastic bumper repair service near you right away for the sake of your safety because a damaged bumper loses its functionality. We at Collex Collision Experts have trained, knowledgeable specialists and all the necessary equipment in order to provide the best and quick plastic bumper repair service which includes bumper cover repair, color matching and painting to Pennsauken and nearby counties at affordable prices. However, those small stones can also impact a car body resulting in paintwork and body damages like scratches and dents. In this case, we offer a auto body repair for you to bring your car to showroom condition. So when working with experts, you can be sure that your car is in good professional hands.

Front and Rear Bumper Replacement Cost in NJ

When your bumper can’t be restored, replacement is the only possible option. Bumper replacement cost may vary depending the bumpers make and model. In comparison with repair, bumper replacement can cost you tons of money because you pay both for labor and expensive parts. To save your time and money, you need to call on experts like Collex Collision Experts in NJ who can guarantee that work is done properly and fast. In addition, if you had an accident, we also can provide you with auto collision repair services as quickly as possible - depending on the severity of damage - to fully restore your vehicle. It includes an expert free estimate, body and frame repair, body painting, and detailing. We will do everything possible to quickly bring your car on wheels again! So when looking for a professional front and rear bumper replacement and other car services in Pennsauken, NJ and surrounding counties, Collex Collision Experts is the car body shop you need.

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Joanne Pizzo
Service was great, the car was ready when I was told it would be, and the car looks brand new!
Michael Allen
Probably the best body and paint shop around the area, really good deals for the quality of work you get.
James Patricelli
Pietro is top notch.
Keith Jackson
One of our trucks was hit by a snow plow recently and Collex took care of us. As a business when I can find someone who is honest, on time, within estimate amount and does a great job that is a business we want to work with.
After getting the run around at my dealership and another place, i went to Leo for a third opinion. Quick and professional. I always had my questions answered and they always went out of their way to keep me informed. I hope they expand.
Frank Stepnowski
Leo and the gang at Collex did an exceptional job repairing my new Ford F-150.
Diana Frasco
I just got my car back from Leo at Collex. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Collex Collision Experts! Being a young(er) woman who is fairly new to the area, I shopped around looking for someone to repair my car.
Lauren North
Just picked my car up from Leo! What a pleasant and professional experience. My car looks great, inside and out!! Thank you!
baratz journal1
Leo is the best, made the accident to my 08 Mustang Bullitt look like it never happened, Looks like new, me so happy, thanks!!
Rich R
Awesome place. Fair and quick Leo great guy had done in a week just like he said
Great experience at Collex! A really friendly, professional neighborhood auto shop! My Audi got in a little fender bender and these guys had no problem with the body work or all that modern technology in there (shock bars, radar and…
Jenni Welwood
If you are in need of auto repair, I highly recommend Collex Collision. Leo is professional, precise and accommodating.
I sincerely appreciate your hard work and attention to detail on my vehicle.
Thank you again Leo!
Raymond Breswick
Our 2010 Toyota Camry had some minor damage to the driver side door during a recent snow event. This was the third minor body damage/scratch for this car. We decided to get all 3 fixed at Collex in Pennsauken.
Peg Hagerty
Quality work and done in a timely manner. Very friendly and professional.
Maxine Perry
Owners are great, knowledgable and work hard to satisfy the ih r customers. Their techs are experienced.
George Kalashnikov
My 2002 BMW had a really faded hood from the sun. Brought it to Collex and they did a really great job and the best part they didn't charge me an arm and a leg. These guys are fantastic and handle their work like true professionals.
Sarah Picknally
Leo and team were great. When I brought my car in after an accident they gave an honest and fair quote and worked with the insurance company and enterprise to have my rental car pick me up from them.
Ryan Plotcher
Everyone encountered was professional, polite and friendly. I recommend Leo and the Collex crew to all my friends and family.
Jassier Gonzalez
Where do I start. From start to finish Leo and his team are the best in the business. Customer service is a 5 star, the professionalism is a 5 star, the work they do is a 5 star.
Amrit Murthy
I brought my car to Collex after getting rear-ended in Philadelphia. Leo was more accommodating and helpful than the folks at other local auto body shops I had contacted, and was able to get started on my car quickly.
Souzan Boutin
I own a Mini Cooper that was damaged while parked at the train station. My neighbors recommended Leo so I gave him a call. Hands down!!! The man is truly amazing to work with! He is positive and upbeat yet very critical of his work.
Sean Hastings
The quality of work I received was top notch. My car was towed to another auto body shop and I found out I didn’t have to keep it there. I called Collex and spoke with Leo, he recommended I bring it by.